Citizens Verifiable System - Voter ID Opinion Internet Proof

Citizens themselves can verify the truth

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A. Aim of Site - Send 2 SMS-es for unity and prosperity of the citizens of the country

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We have started a campaign of citizen-voters sending sms-orders to MP, MLA etc. public servants and have registered some pro-common solutions by their sms codes also to be sent by a voter by sms to our website as a PROOF of the demand to the public servant.

Support or oppose opinions of citizens will be displayed on website along with the Voter ID numbers of the citizens. Anyone can find address of a sample of the voter ID numbers, contact them and himself/herself cross-verify whether the data is true or false, meaning the Voter ID number internet data generated by the citizens sending SMS-es is CITIZEN-VERIFIABLE. (See this link for list of registered SMS-codes -

The aim of this website is to demonstrate and demand for a government system where people after registering their voter id and mobile number can give their opinions via SMS short codes. And this opinion of the citizens along with their voter id will be VISIBLE to all on a government site without logging in and will be VERIFIABLE and can be cross-verified by any other citizen by means of voter-id.

A prominent SAFEGUARD FOR CITIZENS feature of this system is that it is immune to money buyout, media power and gangster power since the citizen is empowered to change anyday his/her opinion. This system is also known as Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure (TCP)

Today, we are divided by parties, religion, caste, creed, issues etc. Let us unite under SMS-campaign to MPs/MLAs, etc. public servants without any need to leave your party etc. Now let us individually or in groups do something which will benefit the commons and at same time unite all citizens against the evil, corrupt forces who want to loot the commons.

Besides sending sms-order for your favorite demand, also send sms-order demanding that the MP`s public mobile be linked to MPs` website, so that all public opinion sent to MP via sms can be seen and verified by all. By making this common demand, we all citizens can come on a common platform and unite. Just, citizens have to send 2 SMS-es.

To find out how to send the SMS-es and where to send the SMS-es, please continue reading here.

Disclaimer – This site is meant only to promote demand for TCP with SMS (Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure ; link – Chapter 1, ). Results may or may not be obtained via SMS campaign method depending on other factors. Those sending sms copy to this public number are fully aware that their sms content,name,voter ID,constituency,state will be shown on this website

This work does not have any copy-right but has copy-left (others cannot copy-right it) and anyone can freely copy, modify and distribute any material on this site.